What are drones?

Also referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles, drones for beginners are unmanned and remotely piloted flying craft which range in size from a radio controlled toy helicopter to a military drone used for combat. They are flown and controlled by a pilot either using a small remote control or a complex control station. In other words, there is no human operator in the craft controlling it. for more information, visit :http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-south-asia-10713898

What is a quad copter?

This refers to a type of drone that is a multi rotor helicopter which is lifted and propelled by four rotors. It is classified as a robocraft since their lift is generated by the set of four rotors. The quad copter has two clockwise and two counter clockwise rotors which allow the craft to use independent variation for each rotor’s speed to achieve control.

How drones work

Drones are built with light composite materials which is done to make them lightweight as well as increasing their maneuverability. It allows the drones especially those used by the military to cruise at high altitudes too. In the case of small drones mostly used by individuals and organizations, they are maneuvered using a remote control. For those used by the military, they are controlled via a sophisticated command center linked to the satellite.

They are equipped with different equipment ranging from sensors, infra red cameras, GPS and laser guidance systems (for military use.) From the command center or remote control, the pilot can be able to start, pilot and land the drone safely. The unmanned aerial vehicle can be used to capture images, record videos, provide coordinates for mapping and record other forms of data.

They come in a variety of sizes with the large drones being used for military purposes while smaller drones (quad copters) used by individuals and organizations. The drone do not have space for a human pilot as all the area is occupied by different components like sensors, cameras and laser guidance systems.

Application of drones for beginners

Film production

Today, unmanned aerial vehicles are used in film production to provide film makers with great and innovative shots. They have enabled film directors to achieve effects that would otherwise need expensive equipment like cranes, dollies and spider cam rigs.

News coverage

News coverage has become more innovative thanks to drones. News reporters are able to capture the action as it happens. For example, drones can be used to cover riots, crusades and even robbery in action.

Extinguishing wild fires

Wild fires are quite impossible to put out and by the time fire fighters have accomplished the task, the fire has consumed a large part of the forest. With drones, firefighters are able to spot the fire and even track its movement. They can even fight fires as well as keeping people out of harm’s way.

Testing air quality

Scientists are using unmanned aerial vehicles to keep tabs on the environment. One way they are doing so is by testing the makeup of the ozone and even the quality of air. click here for related details.

Protecting endangered species

Tracking endangered species is not an easy job but with unmanned aerial vehicles, the job is a lot easier. With the GPS, infra red camera and sensors, scientists and organizations can monitor endangered species very easily.…

It has become a necessary thing for people to insure their property just because they could feel safe. We have lately seen insurance companies creating insurance covers for items we did not expect such as mobile phones and even drones. The increase in the use of drones in different industries is what has necessitated governments to demand that they are insured. While getting an insurance cover for your drone may not be a walk in the park, it is advisable that everyone who owns any flying item such as drones and quad copters should check what is required of them and go ahead and insure the items.

The procedure for getting your drone insures is normal just like getting any of your other properties insured. You first have to find a list of companies that offer drone insured covers, evaluate their requirements and costs and then send mails to the ones that you are satisfied with filling the forms you are supposed to.

If one is using their drone for commercial purposes, then insuring their drone and other related items is compulsory. For those using quadcopters and drones for recreation and fun, then they may opt to get or not to get an insurance cover for their equipment depending on if they feel like it. It is not a must for the latter to get the insurance. The insurance you have on your home and property may have covered the drone. However, it may have only insured against damage on it and not the damages it may cause.

The drone insurance cover servers to protect it against damages and many other liabilities. This means that if your drone gets damaged in the cause of you using it, then the insurance company gets the responsibility of meeting the costs for repairs and replacements is any has to be done. The other case where the insurance company comes in is when you destroy another person’s property in the event that you are using your drone for its purpose, say filming a building and destroying it. Anybody with liability insurance will have the insurance company cover the damage cost for them. for more information, visit : https://www.commerce.alaska.gov/web/ins/Consumers/drone-insurance.aspx

But other than causing damage to peoples property more importantly is the issue of causing injury or possibly worse to a person. With the size and speed of drones increasing its really important to make sure you have the correct indemnity insurance. There are various company’s that will be happy to look into this for you really need to double check the key facts of the insurance policy to make sure you are getting the right one. There are some obscure ones out there such as relevant life policy for example covering people’s lives not their drones. Do not get those confused.

There are a lot of things that insurance companies look for in order to allow you to get insured with them. First, most firms require one to fully comply with the laws set for drone uses. Such laws include:-

For unmanned drones, you should operate them not close to other people’s property which may put the property at risk.

For unmanned drones, one should operate them in open regions and should not let the drones fly out of their sight.

There are many other laws that limit the freedom of flying drones and small aircraft’s around recklessly. These are just but a few to serve as examples. When getting such an insurance, one should be careful to read the conditions put by the laws of the country and those of the insurance body. Failure …

Aerial photography has become popular since 2014 after the United Stated made it legal to use remote control aircraft for commercial purposes. Most photographers usually get intimidated by drones and imagine them to be complex and expensive military gadget that are beyond their reach. However, that is not the case; nowadays, there are easy to use and affordable aircraft that can help you capture great aerial images and boost your photography career.

Quadcopters have replaced helicopters because, in the past, you had to use heavy, fragile, and expensive helicopters to airlift camera gears and shoot aerial photos. The helicopters required you to dedicate a lot of time undergoing rigorous training before you could consider it safe to transport your camera. They say that a journey of thousand miles starts with one step, and so does aerial photography; you just need to master enough courage to begin and with enough practice operating drones will become second to nature.

Here is how you can get started:

The first thing you should do is to obey the law; Check the laws in your country before you decide to send a drone into the sky. For example, if you are in the US there are regulations that state that you should not fly a model craft within 3 miles of any airport, and you must ensure that you must keep it less than 400 ft above the ground. In other states, it is illegal to passing a drone above somebody’s property and house. This is deemed as a trespassing violation. For the UK rules as slightly different and you can see more information here in this guide to drone aerial photography in the UK.

The second step is to find the best drone that can meet your needs. When buying a drone, you should consider buying one that has a long lasting batter, whether you want one that comes with a camera or not, the weight of the camera you want it to carry if it doesn’t have one and whether you want to control using a remote or a smartphone. You can start with the cheapest and easiest models to operate if you are an amateur and advance into the most expensive ones with more features when you perfect your skills. The best drone to start with is the Blade Nano QX, which will only cost you $80. With time, you can buy a DJI Phantom model or a 3D Robotics’ Iris. It is advisable to find a quadcopter that has an inbuilt camera instead of the old ones that came without a camera, and you had to mount one before you could fly it. The best example is a Phantom model that is integrated with a GoPro camera. It is referred to as a ready-to-fly (RFT) aerial imaging platform and was first released in 2013.

Phantom Models

The Phantom models include DJI Phantom 3 Advanced or DJI Phantom 3, Professional. Both are good drones but Professional has a more powerful battery charger that charges within a shorter time, and it adds 4K. Both drones have YouTube live streaming, integrated Lightbridge for HD live view, 94-deg rectilinear lenses that prevent fisheye distortion, support for the latest DJI Pilot app for Android and iOS and gimbal stabilized cameras that capture both stills (14 megapixels) and videos( 12 megapixels). Phantoms are long lasting and have safety features that will help you avoid making mistakes. They return to their launch point if they lose fail to detect radio signals and they has minimum prop speed that prevents them from plummeting from a high level once …

There are so many wonderful things that make quadcopters popular and the one thing that many people do wish to have for themselves. Why is that? The answer is simple and clear to give. Quadcopters have their own uniqueness and special appeal. However, just like anything else, there is the best from the rest. Therefore, with this said, what are 5 quadcopters that are considered to be the best and stand out from the others on the market? Please read on, you will be very glad that you did, because these quadcopters aren’t your ordinary quadcopters in description. They are top of the line and totally divine quadcopter choices for all the right reasons. They are:

  1. The DJI Phantom 4 – The DJI Phantom 4 is truly number one among all quadcopter drones and the reason is apparent. It is a high quality quadcopter and the finest of all drones that are available on the consumer level. What it possesses is all sort of key features. Some of these key features do include auto takeoff, as well as, auto return home. It is every inch a smart drone that does have GPS technology and has an app that makes monitoring and camera operation for it simple and uncomplicated. It also has Gimbal stabilization technology and a unique hover ability that makes for smooth/clean cam footage while the quadcopter is up in the air flying around.
  1. The Parrot AR 2.0 – What makes the Parrot AR 2.0 a great quadcopter is lots of things. First of all, the Parrot AR 2.0 can provide up to 36 minutes of continual flight with just the power of two HD batteries in it. The Parrot AR 2.0 has intuitive type piloting that comes directly from a Smartphone or tablet control. It is also a special drone quadcopter that has live video streaming and HD video recording as well. It has the ability to also easily update in order to match FAA requirements in a user friendly way. What makes this quadricopter special is abundantly clear and that is the fact that is controlled by WIFI. It also has three sets of additional propellers too.
  1. The AirDog AD 10 – The AirDog is without a doubt, a totally action sports drone, in every way that matters the most for all those who genuinely love a fun and exciting quadcopter that fulfills the definition of fun beyond fun. What makes the AirDog so great is this. The AirDog isn’t just about fab flight. It is also about making sure that the shot does get done and that it is done with lots of reliability and stability. What makes the AirDog sand out from other quadcopter choices is clear. It knows how to definitely be a self flying and very active quadcopter drone up in the air. It has special motion prediction technology and sport flight modes that are dedicated to very real action every time. for related details, visit : http://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/b/16836ffc-f096-4ff4-a28a-ad69fd0f021d
  1. The DJI T600 Inspire 1 Quadcopter – What makes the DJI T60 Inspire 1 Quadcopter a fantastic quadcopter for those who only want the finest is evident. The DJI T60 Inspire 1 is truly a quadcopter that was made with every intention of inspiring all with lots of true fun and adventure. The DJI T600 Inspire 1 Quadcopter has a system that is totally complete and is ready to fly at your pilot and command. Everything that you do need to have a wonderful flight experience is already included along with this fine quadcopter. The DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter has a 4K video camera and

Drone racing is better known as FPV racing. FPV means first person view. Simply ,FPV racing is racing using drones only it is not at all that simple. It is fast paced racing combined with flying drones, the drones are hi-tech quadcopters. FPV racing is a fastly growing sport and not something you can just jump into. Being able to race exceptionally fast and control hi-tech quadcopters will take a lot of practice.

The majority of drone racers use an FPV system. FPV systems are where the pilots use cameras to fly drones as if they were actually sitting in the cockpit of the quadcopter. Some pilots are more extreme using special FPV goggles which give them a more intense drone racing experience. for further information, visit : http://www.fpvsystems.com/

To get started in this excessively fast-paced sport of drone racing, there are different items you will need. The most obvious tool you will need is a quadcopter. All veteran drone pilots will suggest a beginner to start off with a micro quad. A micro quad is smaller and less expensive than a full sized quadcopter. Do not let the tiny size of a micro quad fool you, these small drones can move very quickly and take much practice to maneuver. They are easily impressive. When you are first learning to fly, control, and maneuver your drone, be ready to crash constantly. This is why it is so heavily advised to begin with a micro quad. The cheaper the drone is at first, the better. Once you begin to practice, you will understand why. A full sized quadcopter is extremely expensive to fix or replace. Also, the bigger the drone, the more dangerous it could possibly be when crashing.

When you are ready to officially begin racing your drone, you need to be informed upfront that FPV racing is an extremely expensive sport. It can cost a lot of money to maintain drone racing as your new hobby and you will become addicted to this new sport. An FPV racing quadcopter needs to have many spare parts already bought and available so the quadcopter is ready for repair as soon as it crashes. You will need specialized tools to keep up maintenance. I am not going into the exact parts and tools you will need because that is a whole other article. An FPV racing quad costs between $200 to $1000. The FPV goggles is another $400. Then you must include the price of extra parts, batteries, don’t forget the tools. I am sure it can become way more expensive that this, depending on the drones quality, size, features, etc. This is just to give you a rough estimate. click here for more information.

Now let’s move on to the actual drone racing. It can get as complex as you want to make it. There are events to show off your drone racing skills. You can join FPV racing teams just as all other sports do. You can join drone racing groups that regularly meet, have rules to follow, and different events you must attend. When you find your spot in the FPV quad racing world, there are a variety of races you can take part in. There are drag races, time trials, and rotocross.

Drone racing or FPV racing has made significant strides in the past few years. This is the sport of the future, changing and growing just as the advanced technology changes. Get your quadcopter and start drone racing today. This is a sport that will change your life and your way of thinking.…