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“Our mission is to be a quality aviation insurance resource to the general aviation customer which assures a level of service surpassing that of ourGetAQuote competitors. Since 1983, Phoenix has been serving the aviation community by offering a wide range of insurance products through local independent agents and brokers.” Peter Cloude (Owner)

Insurance policies are very confusing to the average consumer. Consequently, they have a variety of questions about their insurance policy and the coverage that is available for them. Of course, they are able to easily contact their Avion insurance agent and discuss the matter. The Avion agents are very experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Often, people would like to know more about combined single limit insurance. If you are looking for a quote then please use our get a quote form here and fill in your details.

Below are the different types of insurance we may be able to help with

Combined Single Limit

Here is something to take note of: The average insurance policy does not combine the liability coverage. These policies are called split liability policies.GetAQuote A combined single limit insurance policy is commonly purchased for commercial purposes. However, the policy is also available for private use. Ask one of our agents for more information on this subject. The combined single limit (CSL) insurance coverage is a bundled policy. This type of policy includes the public liability and the passenger liability insurance. This coverage is to pay off anyone that is involved with an accident for physical harm or property damage. However, this coverage has a set limit per payout, per accident. Talk to your insurance agent for more information on this topic or other needs connected with your aviation insurance policy.

Passenger Liability Insurance

paperaeroOwning and even flying a plane is a huge responsibility, while also being a great joy to many. While mostGetAQuote flights run smoothly, with no accidents or catastrophic events, accidents do happen. Most pilots own insurance that covers their air craft and themselves, but there’s another type of insurance that is necessary for anyone who operates a plane, whether they own the air craft or not. Passenger Liability Insurance is often mandated, but even when it’s not, it’s a necessity for any pilot. Passenger Liability Insurance is a type of insurance that covers the passengers and provides money for injuries, and expenses in the unfortunate event of a fatality. Passenger Liability Insurance covers any passengers who may be harmed while riding in a plane operated by the policy holder.

If more than one pilot operates the same plane, each pilot must have their own passenger liability insurance policy. This is crucial, as though uncommon, aviation accidents do happen, and passengers may be harmed in the occasion that something does happen. With passenger liability insurance, the pilot would not be held personally accountable for providing money to injured or deceased passengers who were riding in the plane they operated if something should happen. Owning this type of insurance is an absolute necessity, for both the well being of the pilot and the passengers. No pilot wants to see their passengers become hurt, or even worse, see a fatality at their hand. Should such an event occur, the passenger liability insurance policy will cover those who were harmed or killed during the event. This provides peace of mind for both the pilot and passengers. Accidents happen without warning, passenger liability insurance is there to help in such occasions. Owning this type of insurance is very important, and is one insurance policy that all responsible pilots should own.

Public Liability Insurance

imagesfallovermanAeroplanes come with a myriad of risks. Not only are pilots manoeuvring hundreds of pounds of steel and engineGetAQuote parts, they are also dependent on each of their engines to remain working and no unforeseen circumstances in the air in order to remain airborne. The people, landscape, buildings and more under the flight path are as much at risk of anything going wrong in an aeroplane as the pilot himself is. This is why public liability insurance is so important and why it needs to be ascertained for anyone with any hopes or dreams of being able to fly a plane.

When it comes to running a business of any sort, public liability insurance is incredibly important. This is even more so the case for pilots due to the risk that aeroplanes pose to everything within their flight path. Mandated by law in many places, public liability insurance is the manifestation of the fact that a company has the means to pay for any damages that may be caused by their business. Public liability insurance is also often used as a means to ensure that companies can afford to pay damages that may happen to customers while they are in your place of business. The public liability insurance required for aeroplane pilots that allow customers fly planes are also required in order to cover damages that may be caused by pilots while operating a plane. However public liability insurance does not cover the plane itself, or any passengers that might be in the plane. In essence, public liability insurance is required as a means of protecting the world from pilots.

crashimagesGround Risk Insurance

The average motorist does not own a vehicle without auto-mobile insurance. Auto-mobile insurance is GetAQuoteprovided to minimize the risks that might occur owning a vehicle. For example, accidents, vandalism, or theft. The insurance is a great financial safety net for the owner. Certainly, those involved with aviation require similar insurance to safeguard their plane while in motion or grounded. Ground risk insurance is specifically designed for a plane that is grounded and not in motion.

The ground risk insurance is provided by an aviation insurance company. The insurance coverage is specifically designed to cover a plane that is on the ground and not in motion. There are other insurance plans that cover a plane that is in motion on the ground. However, the ground risk insurance provides a certain amount of protection for things like vandalism, fire, theft, acts of nature, animal damage, damage from other vehicles that might strike the plane. The amount of coverage is generally based on the value of the plane and is stated in the policy coverage.

Certainly, it is a wise choice to select ground risk insurance coverage for a plane. Always discuss aviation insurance options with an insurance agent to make sure that the plane is fully protected.

In Flight Insurance

Insurance, no matter what the type, is a necessity of the modern world. Insurance adds an extra layer of protection and peace of mind that otherwiseInflightGetAQuote wouldn’t be there. Accidents happen, without warning and normally during the most unexpected of times. Because of this, it’s often crucial to carry different types of insurance to protect yourself, your possessions, and sometimes even others. In-Flight Insurance is a type of aviation insurance that covers planes for damages, but only while the plane is in motion. This type of insurance is a necessity for any responsible plane owner and pilot. Planes are costly, and having insurance that covers damages to such an expensive item is wise and necessary.

In-Flight Insurance is important, and every plane owner/pilot should own said insurance. However, it’s often the most costly type of aviation insurance, and it always doesn’t cover as much as you think it would. For instance, In-Flight Insurance only covers damages to a plane when the damage happened while the plane was in motion. It doesn’t cover damage to a plane that was stationary when the damage occurred. In-Flight Insurance also doesn’t cover the people inside of the plane, only the plane itself. There are many different clauses, and those clauses depend on the insurance provider and the plan chosen. While this type of insurance may seem rather unnecessary, it’s actually quite important. Planes cost a very large amount of money to own and keep running, when you compare the cost of In-Flight Insurance to replacing a plane or paying for damages out of pocket, it’s easy to see that the insurance is much cheaper and better in the long run. One never knows when an accident will occur, which makes it very important to be protected and prepared should one happen. Before purchasing In-Flight Insurance be sure to choose the correct provider and plan for you, carefully read through the terms and do research on what is covered. Some plans may cover more than others, so it’s important to carefully review your options. In-Flight Insurance is one of the wisest choices one could make regarding the safety and longevity of their air craft.

There maybe other insurance policies that you may be interested in such as personal insurance for staff of key man insurance policies for key people within the company. Unfortunately we can not offer this kind of cover, but feel free to click the link above for one of the companies we used previously for our clients.

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